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Technological bases of Arkada-MB Ltd are the unique ground for scale industrial low-rise building in Russia.

For an estimation of prospects and possibilities in the field of building of affordable housing first of all it is necessary to answer the questions: who will build affordable housing and what actually is it?

If we want that mass building of affordable housing becomes possible, first the building industry should appear, which is capable to provide industrial building and modern economic technologies of erection of houses and a lot of new small and average building companies should be able to master them.

According to statistics, in the whole civilized world to 80 % of low buildings are erected with the frame and panel methods that solve problems of reduction of building and operational expenses at increase of comfort and quality of habitation.

Last 10-15 years metal skeletons of building with the application of light weight steel framing (Lightweight steel constructions) are replacing wooden ones, because steel is more reliable, stronger, at the same time it is already cheaper and also more durable than qualitative wood.

Worldwide numerous equipment kinds in the field of high-efficiency industrial building with the application of Lightweight steel constructions including Russia are developed.

«Arkada-MB» company is the leader of the Russian market in the field of manufacture of technologies and the equipment for processing of thin-gauge steel by pressure and now is actively engaged in working out and advancement of building technology with the use of light weight steel framing of galvanized steel.

For the first time in Russia designers and engineers of the company «Arkada-MB» design and develop a number of full-size, flexible, high-efficiency factories on release of load elements of buildings, including thermoprofiles and also various building, finishing elements and details.

New Dirctions

Factory complexes include technologies and the equipment for manufacture of light weight steel framing for building of houses and constructions (Lightweight steel constructions), including bearing thermoprofiles, thermopanels according to the European standards, at present in manufacture a new manufacturing techniques of thermoprofiles by the notching and bending method are developed and started, this method allows to let out more reasonable-priced product, with the improved thermal characteristics and which also can be used at pouring of walls by light foam concretes).

Also the equipment on assemblage of thermal-structural panels and skeleton elements is developed and ready to release that considerably increases labor productivity and assemblage time on the building area.

Designed capacity of factory makes 250 000 sq.m. of total area of made buildings (or on the average 2500 of houses–100 sq.m.) a year.

Depending on financial possibilities the interested buyer can get the separate units of equipment, letting out details of a metal skeleton and a full-size factory on release of all metal complete set of houses and with transfer of every necessary technology, the documentation and development of all necessary processes.

Technology of building with the use of lightweight steel constructions is a prospect of future.

New DirctionsThe use of machine-building methods has provided high efficiency of this technology and has allowed to transfer most of the part of building problems to industrial conditions. Thanks to it the amount of works on the building area is reduced to the minimum, and according to it the speed of building sharply increases without damage to quality.

The basic advantages of building technology of buildings on the basis of Lightweight steel constructions:

  • Provides a considerable part of participation of small and average business in building (absence of necessity for the building technics, possibility to carry out building by small teams without attraction of considerable investments),
  • Possibility of mass attraction of the labor which is not demanding the long period of training and preparation,
  • High efficiency of work on a building area, 8-10 times exceeding productivity at building by traditional technologies,
  • The low cost price of building (approximately 14-16 thousand roubles for 1sq.m. of a house with economy class furnish «On a turn-key basis»),
  • Possibility of all-weather building.

The basic advantages of the buildings constructed by the technology

  • Effective energy savings,
  • Reliability and long time of life of buildings (service life of a steel skeleton till 100 years),
  • Wide architectural possibilities and scopes,
  • Conformity to modern requirements to quality and comfort of residing,
  • Ecological compatibility,
  • Firmness to seismic and other dynamic loads,
  • Fire proof,
  • Low operational cost.

The technology allows to build the buildings of different function quickly and effectively (private houses to 4 storeys, and also many-storeyed buildings with application of various types of a skeleton).

At the same time this technology allows to solve effectively a problem of updating and reconstruction of the existing fund of habitation. There is a considerable experience of use of this technology also in Russia at habitation reconstruction. The technology with the use of lightweight steel constructions allows to reconstruct buildings, erecting penthouses, extensions and superstructures, applying a set of systems (a wall system, a system of overlappings, a roofing system) in a complex and separately.

Light weight steel framing are also widely used at standard methods of building of many-storeyed houses. Use of this technology at many-storeyed building considerably reduces the price of objects and reduces terms of works if on the basis of a skeleton made with standard methods, external and internal walls are built with the use of light weight steel framing.

The huge choice of modern hi-tech building materials is provided at small- framing construction, thus each type of materials carries out certain functions:

The national problem of affordable housing demands new non-standard approaches and decisions. The basic question of habitation availability is its price, and the basic way of reduction of price is an increase in the offer in the habitation market. The mass consumer needs mass inexpensive habitation.

Only the economy class habitation can become the basis of building growth.

The formula is very simple: the today's building complex is focused on the population of about 20 30 million persons. It is necessary to generate the strategy and the policy so that to provide the remained 120 million with the offer.

The problem is difficult, but nevertheless it is solvable.

It can be solved by introduction of new modern building technologies affordable to small-scale business in industrial scales and at the active policy of the state, directed on formation of the market of affordable housing.

Revolution in the market of affordable housing is possible, it is important to take the first steps.

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