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Our company pays great attention to development and application of new technologies in the field of cold profiling and thin-gauge metal cutting. We support the working out of new perspective kinds of equipment. «Arkada-MB» Ltd. design office develops also the equipment by the sketches of the customer. A complete set, characteristics and cost of such equipment depend on various factors: output, characteristics of metal, a kind of the production and other factors. To order such line, it is enough to contact our experts.

We bring to your attention some samples of the equipment:

Automatic complex for manufacturing of spiral-folding pipes

The automatic complex is intended for manufacturing of the big assortment of spiral-folding pipes used in conditioning plants of high pressure and in the building industry. It is equipped with continuously rated electric drive and the patented mechanism of the lock seaming. The applied technologies allow to receive pipes in diameter from 100 to 1600 mm. with the smooth and intact surface. Using the replaceable tool, the complex is easy for recustomizing to release of pipes with the lock on internal or outer side. On this equipment we can use various materials such as stainless and galvanized steel, steel with polymeric covering, aluminum and copper. The complex can be maintained in manual control mode (manufacture speed of a pipe can constantly be regulated; pipe sawing up occurs at any time at various length) or in an automatic mode (the machine tool works on the installed maximum speed, producing pipes of the fixed length; at any moment to pass to manual control mode). Combining excellent industrial characteristics with simplicity of management, high reliability and the favourable price, the automatic complex of manufacture of «Arkada-MB» represents the ideal decision for business development.

Application of spiral-folding pipes:

  • airlines
  • refuse chutes
  • calidusts and steam conduits
  • decks
  • filter elements cages
  • granaries
  • other construction elements.

Technical information:

(Characteristics can be changed depending on wishes of the customer and a kind of the production)

Bearbeitetes Material — galvanized steel
— stainless steel
— steel with polymeric covering
— copper
— aluminum
Mode of operation automatic when L pipe ≥ 800 mm.
Pipe diameter, mm. 100—1600
Pipe length, mm. to 12000
Productivity of a complex at length of details of 3000 mm. and diameter of a pipe of 400 mm., piece / hour 12
Mode of a tape lace-up, m/min. 2—50
Line dimensions, as a guide, mm.
Length, mm. 8500
Width, mm. 6000
Height, mm. 2750

Weight without the complete set of the tool for forming, as a guide, ton.
Operating efficiency 0,85
Rated capacity, kilowatt to 18
Nature of current Alternative
Voltage, Volt. 380/220
Metal thickness to 1 mm., or 0,8 mm. of stainless steel
Strip weight, kg. 1500 max.
Pipe cut Metal slitting cutter

The complex should be installed on a concrete floor. On every diameter of the made pipe the replaceable mandrel is necessary.

Distinctive qualities of the complex:

  • High investment appeal
  • Reliability and convenience in operation
  • Possibility of an internal/external arrangement of a seam
  • Unique and reliable design of a seam
  • Stable forming heads of a unique design
  • Drive with control of frequency and soft acceleration
  • Cut system hurriedly, possibility pieces of any thickness of a tin.

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